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Evening of 5th March 2018

Nicox Conference & Cocktail

Meet the Management of Nicox, an international ophthalmology company, with two products approved for commercialization in the United States by licensed third parties, developing innovative solutions for maintaining vision and improving eye health. The company’s strategy is to maximize the potential of its research platform through internal developments and collaborations with leading pharmaceutical companies.


Evening of 21st March 2018

Transgene Conference & Cocktail

Transgene develops innovative immunotherapies against cancers and infectious diseases. Our approach aims to stimulate the immune responses of patients to attack diseased cells on multiple fronts. Five products are in Phase 1 to 3 of clinical trials. With our Invir.IOTM platform, we are designing a new generation of multifunctional oncolytic viruses. Meet our management to discuss our achievements of 2017 and prospects of 2018/2019.


Evening of 21st February 2018

Sensorion Conference & Cocktail

Meet the Management of Sensorion, a biotechnology company that develops first-in-class drugs for the treatment of inner ear diseases such as severe vertigo, tinnitus or hearing loss. There is still no cure for these highly disabling conditions that affect more than 140 million people worldwide and result in very high societal costs.


Evening of 30th January 2018

Evening of 30th January 2018

Cellnovo Conference & Cocktail

Meet the management of Cellnovo Group SA, a company that develops and distributes the world’s first all-in-one diabetes management system, including a ground-breaking insulin micro-pump. Cellnovo contributes to improving and simplifying the life of diabetic patients and participates in several major projects in the artificial pancreas.

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Biotech Agora Info

Biotech Agora Info

Accounts of meetings with industry leaders and specialists, interviews, webinars, training modules, on-line access to company data, publications, for:
• Follow innovations in health and life sciences (Biotech, Medtech, Diagnostics, E-health, Big Data, Cleantech, Silver Economy).
• Understand the specificities of the sector
• Understand the positioning and potential of companies

Biotech Agora Cercle

The Biotech Agora private club

Private meetings with leaders and those who make the news in biotechs.

Networking: Leaders, professionals in the healthcare industry, health professionals, researchers, institutions, consultants, fundraisers, business angels, family offices, fund managers, venture capitalists , …

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Biotech Agora successfully resumed the concept of privileged encounters between individual investors passionate about the health sector and leaders of biotechnology companies. Participants are of high quality and aware of the innovations of the different actors. The formula combines conviviality and personalized relationships in an exclusive setting. In summary, a very good springboard to become better acquainted with individual shareholders particularly active in our field.

Marc Karako, VP Finance, Quantum Genomics

I very much appreciated the meeting organized by Biotech Agora and the discussions with the people present at the event.
The format, format and quality of the assistance lent itself very well to presentation and discussion.
This type of meeting has a very positive and pedagogical impact: it helps to maintain a link with investors who are very demanding in order to better understand the achievements and prospects of the company. It was also an opportunity to meet new investors who were not familiar with Cerenis and who were passionate about the subject.
Biotech Agora helps to disseminate objective information. This is important in the current context where a lot of misinformation can easily circulate on networks and forums to maintain a direct link with individual investors.

Jean-Louis Dasseux, PhD, MBA, founder and Ceo of Cerenis Therapeutics

The format of Biotech Agora evenings with a one and a half hour conference followed by a cocktail to continue the discussions in a more informal setting is very appropriate to better understand and deepen the complex subjects.
Too often the topics are overflown and potential shareholders and investors do not always find the answers to their questions.
The presentation made by the company's CEO provides a better understanding of the project's stakes, its strengths in relation to competition, and the various phases of development in which the project fits.
The assistance of investors is enriched by the presence of biotech specialists (analysts, journalists ...) who bring a pedagogical, didactic side and raise the debates. The accessibility and the quality of the exchanges are made possible by the assistance limited to about sixty people.

Alain Fournelle, Chief Financial Office and individual investor passionate abour biotechs

I attended the Biotech Agora Cerenis evening. The presentation was brilliant, with no double talk. No false pretenses. Very good evening. To renew. Do not change anything to the setting of it.
These meetings of leaders in small committees are for me a privileged place of exchange outside the Shareholers’meetings. It also allows me to discover new and beautiful companies to which I would not necessarily have thought and appreciate their potential.
Contacts with other investors also allow to share points of view outside the forums that I do not frequent, and this, for their lack of reliability.

Christian Ladegaillerie, Business angel

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