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Christian Ladegaillerie, Business angel

Biotech Agora successfully resumed the concept of privileged encounters between individual investors passionate about the health sector and leaders of biotechnology companies. Participants are of high quality and aware of the innovations of the different actors. The formula combines conviviality and personalized relationships in an exclusive setting. In summary, a very good springboard to become better acquainted with individual shareholders particularly active in our field.

Alain Fournelle, Chief Financial Office and individual investor passionate abour biotechs

The format of Biotech Agora evenings with a one and a half hour conference followed by a cocktail to continue the discussions in a more informal setting is very appropriate to better understand and deepen the complex subjects.
Too often the topics are overflown and potential shareholders and investors do not always find the answers to their questions.
The presentation made by the company’s CEO provides a better understanding of the project’s stakes, its strengths in relation to competition, and the various phases of development in which the project fits.
The assistance of investors is enriched by the presence of biotech specialists (analysts, journalists …) who bring a pedagogical, didactic side and raise the debates. The accessibility and the quality of the exchanges are made possible by the assistance limited to about sixty people.

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